Testimony for 1 in 88 Children: A Look Into the Federal Response to Rising Rates of Autism

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Autism

I’d like to submit testimony about the lack of ethical and safe management of important government agencies, funds, and responsibilities present in our country.  It’s been such a long time coming, but I’m filled with hope that your Committee is impassioned to investigate the Federal response to Autism prevalence rates.  Honestly, my entire life I’d never thought much about Autism, never even had a single fear that it would touch my life so deeply as it has with my first and only born son, Wyatt.  You see there was simply no history of such disabilities present in my family history.  None were present in my husband’s family history either.  We were completely blindsided by this change and believe that vaccinations played a critical role in our son’s regression to an Autism Diagnosis.

Through the first year of life, our son progressed through all the milestones right on time, if not early.  Although he suffered from some pretty severe G. I. ailments, he developed as an infant should and was even beginning to walk around 10 months.  I believe that many of his earliest vaccines were perhaps too much for his seven pound little body from the start he developed a UTI (urinary tract infection), which after a hospital stay at two-months-old transformed into a horrible case of C. Difficile; a bothersome infection of the intestines that persisted until he was 4-months-old.  I believe the vaccines he received while he was simultaneously coping with allergic enteritis, intestinal bleeding, and C. Diff, harmed his immune system, as well as his cognitive and motor development.  They never should have been recommended by his pediatrician, but the CDC says these vaccines are safe and so did our doctors.  If I could go back in time, if I only knew there were more choices, I would have gone about his immunizations quite differently.  We parents are bullied with this issue by both the medical and educational communities; and it is a sad realization that the CDC has not lived up to the responsibility they have been charged with.  I feel betrayed to the politicking of big pharma and am disheartened that they continue to slide by with their cover-ups, redirection, and senseless research into less “risky” topics.

Despite the medical challenges, Wyatt continued developing typically and started saying small words; like CJ (his brother), cookie, and baba (bottle) after his first birthday.  His G.I. health improved after we found a gastroenterologist that resolved the C. Diff.  We placed him on a milk protein free and soy free diet, and when I stopped breastfeeding him, we had to purchase prescription formula for him at $55 per can.

Wyatt received the MMR vaccine and thereafter, he lost these words, even the verbal utterances young babies communicate with.  He averted our eyes and began to forget how to stand up when sitting.  Often, he would even get stuck in an in-between pose and have to scream for help to get back on his feet.  It was a very frightening reversal, but we were so very lucky to get some of the help he needed at the very young age of 14 months.  However, getting this help was an unbelievable uphill battle, as the agencies charged with protecting and educating these children are underfunded, understaffed, and overwhelmed.  Furthermore so many of these programs have burned-out management and counselors that have lost their compassion for doing the best they can for every child.  There is an unspoken, “Don’t tell if they don’t ask policy,” at work in these service groups and sadly many families may never realize that they are not securing the intervention therapies and support that are actually available to them.  The CDC has done a fine job of brainwashing the medical community that these vaccines are “safe enough.”  However, the big questions remain unanswered:  Why haven’t we researched unvax. vs. vax?  Who decided it was necessary to increase the vaccine schedule to such high numbers?  Can anyone tell me why thimerosal or human DNA is present in any substance that is given to humans…most especially infants?  How does the CDC/FDA/EPA get away with such poor decision-making and research manipulation to suit the purposes of the pharmaceutical industry?  Finally, why must, we parents, be forced to try our cases in the VICP kangaroo court?

When did the American people become scientific guinea pigs for poorly or understudied medications, vaccinations, and even GMO foods?  Did you know that GMOs are also present in today’s vaccines?  That it’s possible for random mutations to occur; creating all manner of gastrointestinal disorder, food allergy, and even the retraining of one’s intestines to generate bacterial pesticides that have been genetically inserted into popular foods, like BTcorn?  I believe that the involvement of genetically mutated organisms present in vaccines may also be a culprit to the large presence of G.I. health issues for many children diagnosed with Autism.  Perhaps this is why the GFCF diet has worked many wonders for a range of families.

We’ve been misled by the CDC, FDA, EPA, and countless other parties that comprise the NIH. There is evidence of cover ups in sequestered court documents in the case of GMOs and the FDA. The same would be apparent if it weren’t for the protection of the VICP. Why shouldn’t big pharma be held liable for vaccine damage? Who decided that there was a definition of “substantial equivalence” when it comes to the FDA and CDC fast-tracking approvals for all manner of product; that have never been ethically tested?!

I can only hope that you and your committee will use your judicial power to force the irresponsible and dishonest individuals out of their roles at the CDC, FDA, and other NIH agencies.  Cleaning house is long overdue and I respectfully believe that you’re trying to get to the bottom of this issue and bring back trustworthiness and urgency to these agencies.  Please make these people answer for their lack of compassion and action.  Please abolish the VICP and force them and the CDC to reveal the very documents that will blow the whistle on this carefully-protected causation risk!

Autism is the modern day epidemic and if its causes are largely rooted in genetics, then how can the prevalence rise to such a point in recent years? How is there such regional disparity? The vaccine schedules increase, more GMO food is introduced, and environmental pollution surrounds us all…what will the prevalence rate been in another few years?  Are we expected to accept this trend as evolution…because that’s where this ratio is headed?  It’s time to take the control and influence away from the corporations.  It’s time to remove anyone participating in the current state of corruption.  Please help the American people receive the safe guidance and honest information they deserve on these issues.  Take the power away from corporate and political influences and restore righteousness to these government establishments.

Respectfully yours,

Shel the Muckraking Maven


Some links of interest from credible sources:  (Major media, university, scientific communities)













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