Deliver Justice to Ferrets Banned in California

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Ferret legalization

Alright, I’m pretty certain you’re going to start reading this post and wonder, “Really? Shel is upset about ferret legalization – despite all the other pressing issues?!  Are we talking about the same muckraking chick here?”  I’m sure that you’d like to know why ferrets even matter to me when I’m often so busy ranting about Monsanto, the pharmaceutical industry, autism, and other “bigger” issues.  However, corruption knows no boundaries.

Often, it starts out small and innocuous – say like at the California Fish and Game Commission.  Then it steadily infiltrates our leadership, slowly and deceptively until it secures a stranglehold – like at the CDC, or perhaps by installing a revolving door – such as the FDA.  Sometimes, it simply comes riding along to sneak into proposed bills while, We the People, remain unaware – just like the recent Monsanto proposal that was thwarted, but may still be attached to future agricultural appropriations bills.  It’s important to stay wary and vigilant.

We don’t always understand the gravity of such small deceptions, but before we realize it, we’re eating GMO foods that were never adequately tested.  We’re forcing families affected by vaccine reactions to deal with the VICP ‘kangaroo court’ and facing sneaky riders that want to render federal government incapable of halting GMO crop production or prosecution.  So, many people may look at this issue and think, ferret legislation is worth mocking – but think again, because corruption always starts out small.

The truth is that ferrets have been proven to be fun-loving domesticated animals.  I had two pet ferrets in my life and still cherish their memories and life lessons.  The advocacy groups supporting ferret legalization in California have done their hard work to produce an environmental assessment report that proves there is no legitimate concern for ferrets getting loose, procreating, and over-running the California wildlife.  Yet, the Fish and Game Commission continues to say nay!  In fact, this commission has repeatedly insulted the minority of individuals and groups that have continually worked to present the truths to state legislature. These people have invested their own money, time, and strife to ensure no family’s pet ferret be euthanized due to unjust legal requirements.  There are networks of rescuers that try to help, but there are still too many tragedies associated with these outlawed pets throughout the state of California.

I believe in ferret legalization and have since the day I learned of the California ban.  I have had the honor of loving two of these clever, happy, and sweet creatures in my life named Rooboo and Fuzzioli.  My favorite part of being owned by my fuzzies was playing with them on Saturday mornings and getting them all riled up to the point that they bounced around my living room sounding like two, unsyncopated coffee percolators running at full speed.  Ferrets cannot contain their happiness – so much so that their bodies jerk around in a crazy happy dance that reminds me of how important it is to not give such a damn about what other people think.  They live in the moment and possess such wit and intelligence that a dog or cat will never be the same to me.  My ferrets had little treasure troves beneath the couch and inside my entertainment center.  They coveted shinies, jinglies, and crispies and would smuggle them by scooting them along stealthily under their little bellies when they thought I wasn’t watching.  Rooboo loved shiny gum wrappers and plastic bottle caps.  Fuzzy liked to steal potatoes and empty 20 ounce plastic bottles – I’m still not sure why, but I digress.

My two fuzzies helping with an advertising shoot.  Roo is the sable and Fuzzy is the albino.

My two fuzzies helping with an advertising shoot. Roo is the sable and Fuzzy is the albino.

Please take a brief moment to sign a petition that’s asking Governor Jerry Brown to give California ferret owners a fair hearing.  (Click here to view this right now.)  Imagine how hard it would be if you had to live with the risk that your pet cat or dog could be taken away and euthanized by the order of law!  California and Hawaii are the only remaining states that outlaw ferrets today.  People like Pat Wright have worked so very hard to keep this issue burning and deserve fairness and progress.  Many of these people have invested thousands of hours and dollars to support this cause and they need your signature today.

Anyone that knows anything about ferrets understands that these pets are sweet and fun-loving and wouldn’t survive even a few days in the wild.  Ferret owners dedicate lots of time and special attention to their fuzzies and typically incur expensive veterinary bills throughout their pet’s lifetimes.  Ferrets face hazards for intestinal blockages within the home – pencil erasers, wires, even hardened bits of food on the kitchen floor – all are perilous to these gentle creatures.  Furthermore, ferrets require climate-controlled environments that don’t reach high temperatures because they are so prone to heat stroke.  I’m pretty sure that my Fuzzy couldn’t have lasted 24 hours in Fresno heat if he’d ever escaped our home…such is the case with many ferret lovers throughout California.  It’s absolutely ludicrous for the Fish and Game Commission to maintain their stance of ferrets posing endangerment to the wildlife here, when an environmental assessment has already been completed with favorable outcome…and you can bet it’s likely more thorough than the report filed by the AquaBounty GMO Salmon producer to the FDA!

Let’s tell CA Fish & Game to read the darn assessment and legalize ferrets in California!  Cast your vote for justice today.

Have another marvelous muckraking morning,


  1. pat wright says:

    Thank you very much for the support. I hope people sign that petition!

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