Critical Calls to Action You Need to Know About

I am constantly amazed at the barrage against our rights by lofty corporations overstepping their political influence.  Today, there are a great number of threats to improving our quality of life, citizen’s rights, and even the safety of our children.  Please browse through the list of issues and let me know of any cause that’s near and dear to your heart I may have missed.  They are not in any specific order, but are listed as I brainstormed from the many social media and Internet sources that I frequently view.

Issue #1

State’s Should Have the Right to Mandate GMO Labeling Laws

Now that two dozen or more states are fighting to bring GMO labeling legislation to the table, the corporate lobbyists are working hard to defeat such damaging measures.  Recently, an amendment to the Farm Bill passed out of our House.  This amendment, better known as the King Bill, threatens the right for individual states to regulate and pass laws that govern production or manufacturing of any agricultural product.  It is presented as an interstate commerce protective measure, however analysts believe that this amendment’s ambiguous and broad-reaching language could be used to prohibit state-level GMO labeling and food safety laws.  Take action today!  Sign the Move On petition and let your representatives know we will not stand for such madness!  Learn more about this issue by reading the full Organic Consumers Association article online.

Issue #2

EPA Increases Permissible Levels of Glyphosate Residue in Agriculture

Wow!  This one is infuriating – especially in the wake of recent research that reveals some serious environmental damage.  If you’re not up to speed on what Glyphosate is and why it may be bad, then you’ll want to check out this informative article on .  Keep in mind that Big-Biotech wants us to simply believe that Glyphosate is virtually harmless to humans, however these recent studies prove otherwise:

Entrophy Journal, April 2013

PubMed, Archives of Toxicology, May 2012

There’s a lot more where these came from.  If you’re curious, Google Glyphosate to see what comes up.  This is a threat to our health and climate.  There is no rational need for the EPA to increase the allowable levels of glyphosate in our agriculture!  This is sadly a typical reaction to demanding Biotech lobbyists; such as Monsanto (Makers of RoundUp), Dupont, and Dow. Here are a few more articles you may find informative on this subject:

Read About the USDA Downplaying Condemning Research Results

Read About How Glyphosate May Harm Your Health

Don’t let this issue slip by without submitting your own comments to the EPA.  For a full explanation of the major details, read this article on the Organic Consumers Associate website, sign their petition, then submit your comments directly to the EPA here.

Issue #3

Want to Save the Bees?  The EPA Is Not On-Board with Us!

Recently, the EPA approved a pesticide that has been proven to be highly toxic to bees.   Sulfoxaflor has been classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as being severely toxic to honey bees.  This action provides even more evidence of the fact that our critical government agencies are not protecting our collective health and rights, that they were sworn to uphold. Pesticides that harm bees are a growing concern – and possess global interest.  Learn more by reading this article on EcoWatch.  Don’t forget to submit your comment to the EPA here!

Issue #4

Autism Still on the Rise While Research Gets Cut, Shoddy TRICARE Plans Pass, and More States Fight for Insurance Reform

If you, or a loved one has Autism, chances are these news tidbits will be of interest to you. Autism prevalence rates continue to increase, while little is done to research potential causes – environmental, genetic, or otherwise.  I like to visit the advocacy news page on the Autism Speaks website.  Signing up for their Autism Votes texting service will keep major issues at the top of your mind.

Issue #5

Major Media Refuses to Report on Massive March Against Monsanto

Did we expect anything less?  I’m very disappointed in the lack of media coverage for a peaceful activist event that spanned our entire globe last Saturday.  Over two million people joined in protest against Monsanto Company and the presence of GMOs in our food!  (Here’s a video with full details about this event.)  How could something this big not be worthy of CNN coverage?!  In fact, this is probably the largest-scaled protest against any single corporate entity in our history!!  March Against Monsanto activists are making some noise at their local media stations and independent journalists and citizen reporters (like me) are helping to spread the word.

Would you like to join those reaching out to credible media asking for real truth in journalism?  Submit and share your communications here.  Why is it that I can only find ethical journalism on TV?  (Have you ever watched Newsroom on HBO?  I love this series – but get super jealous that such a media group doesn’t exist in the real world.) What happened to reporters with a thirst for knowledge and desire to reveal our world’s injustices?  Have you all been bought out by Monsanto?

Well, I’m pretty sure that this is enough to get you going for this week.  Sadly, I think I could keep going with this list in so many areas – we have some serious work to do to get our world back to sanity.  Please contact your representatives and sign relevant petitions.  Our voices do matter!

Best regards,

Muckraking Maven

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