Welcome to my blog, inspired by my husband’s constant attempts to get me to stop my in-house debating, generally caused by too much GMO, Autism, and even conspiracy theory discussions.  Instead of boring my dear hubby to tears with my ranting, I’ve decided it was time to share the musings online and hope you’ll find it informative, sometimes entertaining, and motivating.

I hope that many of you will join me in making 2013 the year of transformation.  Since my eyes opened up to the horrible truths of GMO-containing foods, I’m forever changed.  My quest this year is to completely eliminate all GMOs from my family’s meals, while doing my part to inform our government representatives.

I will continue to fight for increased Autism awareness and research, while also fighting to expose the many injustices that government institutions have forced up on the American people.  From the CDC to the FDA and the EPA to the USDA corruption runs deep and wide in our country.  We must eliminate the revolving door that links corporate influence to politics  and start ignoring the convenience that once lulled those of us to inaction, while living blissfully unaware of the truth.

Who are my influences?  A dash of Upton Sinclair, a smidge of Samuel Hopkins Adams, a pinch of George Orwell, and don’t forget Ida Tarbell.  I’ve been enamored with the muckrakers since discovering them in junior high – and they continue to inspire me, today.  These compelling writers are my heroes for they used the power and purpose of their words to expose and incite change through exposé and fiction.  If I can ever accomplish even just a small amount of this within my own written words, I will have achieved much indeed.

  1. I put a link up to your blog on our site under “LOCAL ANIMALS AND ENVIRONMENT”. We’ll try to link to your articles – especially ones regarding local issues.

    • shelabella says:

      Thank you so much for the link! I’m happy to get the word out on many injustices in our food supply, health system, and so many other issues. If we don’t speak out on these issues together we may never see the positive change we wish to see in our world.

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