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Last week, my husband and I were excited to meet a new, developmental pediatrician that has received rave reviews from many Mothers in our area.  The clinic is prestigious and known for providing expert and timely help for special needs children coping with a wide range of complex to serious medical issues.  We were hopeful that this may be the very doctor we have been searching for to really listen and consider my son’s health needs – without the fast paced cookie-cutter approach favored by so many doctors today.

Overall, the appointment went well enough.  My son’s doctor was gentle, understanding, and very kind throughout the exam.  He had a calming effect on my son that was never present with any previous physician’s.  However, when we got midway through my 4″ binder of Wyatt’s medical history, we screeched to a halt on the matter of vaccinations.   Now, this is not a new debate to me, nor is it a surprising one, but I was a little surprised at how close-minded the doctor became upon discussion of the known risks and potential for vaccine damage in children with a predisposition to adverse reaction.  He waved it off nonchalantly with a mention of how many parents are misguided by celebrity-driven medical advice and quack-extremist websites.

I can assure you that I am not misguided, when it comes to my son’s health.  I doubt many parents have journaled, logged, and tracked data like I have over the years when it comes to my son’s autism and the ebb and flow of behavioral challenges or health concerns.  I periodically track his nutrition by reviewing his diet closely a few times a year on a spreadsheet.  (Yup,  I’m OCD about this stuff.)  This ensures that I’m packing as much nutrition as possible into the meals he is willing to eat.  If a questionable or negative behavior arises, I chart its occurrence – as well as the events preceding and following such an event.  This helps me to uncover a root cause to address.  When in doubt, I create a social story because this is the most effective means for my son to quickly understand expected social cues and upcoming new experiences.  I inhale scientific studies with my morning coffee on a wide range of subjects.  I read beyond a study’s Abstract, even if this includes 50+ pages on average, per research paper.  My opinion on the vaccine-autism link is steeped in personal experience, 60+ scientific research studies, and the fact that my son continues to improve as we improve his diet, reduce his exposure to toxins, and gain success through homeopathic means (NAET) proven to help reduce negative autoimmune responses.  If Autism were solely genetic; why would simple interventions like diet, supplementation, and natural detox be so effective in reducing his “Autistic symptoms?”

I am ready for more debate with this doctor and know we are game for real investigation into the root cause of past vaccine reactions.  He has referred us to an immunologist for further testing and digging – so I’m hopeful that this may provide some of the answers we’ve been trying to find for years.  What’s on my wish list?  I want to know if my son has a sulfate or glutathione deficiency, metabolic dysfunction, or methylation pathway abnormality before I consider any future vaccination.  I’d like answers for the continued G.I. complaints, that are now much improved, yet lingering with undetermined cause.  If there is a way to correct such a deficiency upon discovery, then this may enable a path where my son could be safely vaccinated in the future – but only with a single dose, milk-protein free, G.E. yeast free inoculation – and only for truly critical vaccines NOT flu shots.

If you doubt the potential for adverse reaction, browse the list of more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific studies that demonstrate a vaccine-autism link.

If you doubt the potential for adverse reaction, browse the list of more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific studies that demonstrate a vaccine-autism link.  It’s quite impressive and revealing.

I am so grateful for Ginger Taylor’s excellent list of studies supporting a vaccine/autism link.  Shared by a friend online, this resource couldn’t have come at a better time; since my notes are scattered here and there in all manner of folders .  Why do so many doctors rely on research conducted decades ago?  How can they not question the rising prevalence rates (1 in 88, now 1 in 50…) and environmental factors?  Why are they not aware of a vaccine’s ingredients or FDA mandated contraindications?  Why do they like to lean on studies like this that report incomplete data that skirts around the real questions;   like this recent study by the Journal of Pediatrics?  This study is often cited as the proof that any vaccine-autism link has been reputed, which is simply not the case.  This particular study focuses solely on the potential for adverse reaction with regard to the antigens and polysaccharides within vaccines, not the presence of heavy metals like Hg and Al, or the impact of genetically engineered ingredients like yeast, aborted fetal tissue, or other questionable ingredients.  Well done, JPEDS, I agree that the antigens and sugars are unlikely to lead to an Autism diagnosis…but what about the real questions that remain here?

When I get mad, I educate.  When I face opposition, I naturally debate an issue.  The list created by Ginger Taylor is AWESOME and I wanted to share it to help any other families that have experienced adverse reactions in their children’s health.  Vaccines do not harm all children and in theory they are powerful allies to our health.  However, I don’t see the need for heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other toxins to remain in the mix.  Take these ingredients out!  Reduce the vaccine schedule and eliminate combination series shots.  Is there a possible connection between the use of genetically engineered yeast in the Hep-B vaccine and my son’s recurring yeast overgrowth? (I believe there could be.)

I don’t understand why my son’s doctors wouldn’t be more concerned with the presence of allergens that are known to cause severe reactions in children with these conditions!  (My son has a long history of severe food allergies and intolerance – but somehow this is not a concerning factor.  Milk proteins cause intestinal bleeding in my son – I would imagine that a shot containing milk proteins is far worse than simply eating a food containing milk proteins.)  In fact, I believe this is why he had to be hospitalized for a week after his DTAP series of shots when only 2 months old. )  In brief, when there are 60+ studies that exist that do show potential for causation, why aren’t we pre-screening our children to ensure the noted deficiencies do not present a predisposition to vaccine damage prior to immunization?  I’m not asking for any weird science here…why wouldn’t we want to reduce potential risks in a product that is inherently not safe?  (And that’s exactly how our FDA puts it, “inherently unsafe.”)

Checkout Ginger’s up-to-date list on her blog.  Print it out and keep it available for easy reference.  Do you think my son’s new doctor might question the existing dogma if I printed out a hard copy of each referenced study?  I think that’s how I’m going to handle this.  Could you imagine the look on his face if I brought in 68 printed peer-reviewed scientific studies – delivered to him at our next appointment in Trader Joe’s paper bags?!  (Yea, because I recycle…and have far too many of these bags saved up as it is.)  Do you think he’d believe that I don’t rely on celebrities for my information after that?!  I welcome the immunologist’s perspective and ability to help sift through potential root causes of my son’s past adverse reactions.  Despite our difference in opinion when it comes to vaccines, this is a step that no previous pediatrician has been willing to do.  For that, I am truly grateful.

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This afternoon, Moms Across America published an Open Letter to Monsanto and announced the publication via a nationally distributed press release.  The group hopes that the press release will help to increase the growing awareness of GMO food hazards as well as bring attention to the problems associated with increased pesticide use. You can see the actual press release here:

Read the Open Letter to Monsanto on the Moms Across America blog here:

Let’s keep working to improve the safety of our food supply and remind legislators and corporations that U.S. citizens have a right to know exactly what is in their family’s food!

Happy Friday,

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For those of us parenting children with Autism, we understand that every child is unique – like a snowflake.  However, for many of us, there are also many possible areas in common, particularly:

1. Recurring G.I. problems.     Autism, allergies, G.I. distress

2. Food allergies and intolerance.

3. Weakened immune system.

This list is not all-inclusive, and yet I know a lot of children on the spectrum that share many of these ailment “categories” with my own son.  Genetically, my family has no history of food allergies, intestinal diseases, or Autism.  Our history proves we’re more likely to suffer from heart disease and high blood pressure due to a natural affinity with down-home southern comfort foods.  Truly, healthy eating was not something I was ever concerned with before Wyatt.  At least, not beyond the grade-school-food-pyramid and hype on low fat and low cholesterol choices.

During my single days, I sustained myself on coffee, Diet Pepsi, SlimFast shakes, Special K bars, and Lean Cuisine dinners.  I only cooked on holidays or when I craved Betty Crocker brownies.  It was only when I got pregnant that I started really caring about the food I chose to eat.  My OB gave me the low down on the dangers of aspartame and I became friends, at last, with water.  I ditched the coffee and began my affair with herbal teas.

I made sure to eat a balanced diet; even drank V8 to ensure I consumed enough vegetables, carried around a huge cup of water, and tried to get my full day’s servings.  I ate fruits and salads, while avoiding sushi and aspartame – and always took my prenatal vitamins with a big glass of orange juice.  I did the same while nursing my son and quickly adopted an elimination diet upon the first hint of trouble.  After months of G.I. distress that included two hospital stays, recurrent intestinal bleeding, and far too many courses of antibiotics we switched to Elecare formula. (Available by prescription for $55/can.)  Slowly, his gut began to heal.

My little guy was always sick – fevers, runny nose, cough, ear infections, sore throats…  He had over 20 courses of antibiotics during his first year and a half of life, while also coping with emerging food allergies and recurring  Clostridium Difficile infections.  His doctors placed tubes in his ears, completed a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, and we added gluten-free to our dietary mix, which ultimately led us to a more organic path of eating.  We were never 100% organic though until last fall.

During our journey, I’ve seen the power of nutrition make a positive impact for my son Wyatt.  Diagnosed with Autism at age two, he’s come very far through long hours of early intervention, speech/OT therapies, and aggressive dietary changes.  We never cheat – not a morsel – not even when it comes to Play-Doh, sunscreen, my cosmetics, or any personal care products.  I am a watchdog with his school and other caregivers.  And yet, until last October, I was completely unaware of the presence of GMOs in our foods.

Let me tell you, just because something is labeled as gluten-free and casein-free does NOT mean it’s GMO-free.  In fact, it felt like I was walking on eggshells when I started reading labels to determine if a product contained genetically engineered ingredients.  Trust me, my son is one very picky eater.  However, upon learning about the risky business of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), I became determined to eliminate GM foods from our diet.  As a mother to a child with Autism, I know every child is different, but there is little risk in dietary improvement.  Good nutrition is important for all children, whether neurotypical or on the spectrum.

Did you know that independent research has noted the following concerns in animal trials utilizing GMO feed?

  • Agitated and anti-social animals
  • Distressed intestines, permeated guts, and digestive problems
  • Increased incidences of tumors and auto-immune diseases

Do you see any parallels here?  I sure do and although it may only be a small piece to the puzzle of Autism, I wholeheartedly believe that this neurological condition results from a variety of sources – genetic and environmental.  GMOs are in everything from the foods we eat to the vitamins we feed our children.  They’re used to culture vaccines and form medicines for a full range of ailments.  Now I’ll agree that some of these medicines have sustaining medical purpose (like insulin and other critical biologics), however, much of the biotech industry is more concerned with profit than safety – and the demonstrated ethics of corporations such as Monsanto prove a need for caution.  (Did you hear about the march against them held around the world on May 25th?  This was the largest peaceful protest ever launched against a single corporation in our planet’s history!  Over two million people joined together to further the movement supporting the labeling and safety research of GMOs produced by this corporate giant.)

Consider spending some time learning more about GMO foods.  It’s true that they’re approved by the FDA, but if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll see how the risks outweigh the benefits.  These foods have not been properly tested and the safety assurance sits in the hands of the chemical company that’s behind a food product’s genetic engineering.  Since I have improved my son’s diet, introduced quality natural supplements, and gone 100% organic, his immune health has improved, his sleep has improved, he is more verbal, and seems to genuinely feel better.  I know his progress is due to a combination of factors – but he is able to learn much better when he is not chronically ill.  It may not bring about a miracle transformation, but it’s worth your time to learn more about your food today.  Join thousands of Mom’s that demand labeling of GMO foods – it’s in our children’s best interests to do so.

Check out these excellent resources for more information on GMOs in general, and their potential involvement in the puzzle of Autism causation, increased allergies, and much more:

All my best,

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Critical Calls to Action You Need to Know About

I am constantly amazed at the barrage against our rights by lofty corporations overstepping their political influence.  Today, there are a great number of threats to improving our quality of life, citizen’s rights, and even the safety of our children.  Please browse through the list of issues and let me know of any cause that’s near and dear to your heart I may have missed.  They are not in any specific order, but are listed as I brainstormed from the many social media and Internet sources that I frequently view.

Issue #1

State’s Should Have the Right to Mandate GMO Labeling Laws

Now that two dozen or more states are fighting to bring GMO labeling legislation to the table, the corporate lobbyists are working hard to defeat such damaging measures.  Recently, an amendment to the Farm Bill passed out of our House.  This amendment, better known as the King Bill, threatens the right for individual states to regulate and pass laws that govern production or manufacturing of any agricultural product.  It is presented as an interstate commerce protective measure, however analysts believe that this amendment’s ambiguous and broad-reaching language could be used to prohibit state-level GMO labeling and food safety laws.  Take action today!  Sign the Move On petition and let your representatives know we will not stand for such madness!  Learn more about this issue by reading the full Organic Consumers Association article online.

Issue #2

EPA Increases Permissible Levels of Glyphosate Residue in Agriculture

Wow!  This one is infuriating – especially in the wake of recent research that reveals some serious environmental damage.  If you’re not up to speed on what Glyphosate is and why it may be bad, then you’ll want to check out this informative article on .  Keep in mind that Big-Biotech wants us to simply believe that Glyphosate is virtually harmless to humans, however these recent studies prove otherwise:

Entrophy Journal, April 2013

PubMed, Archives of Toxicology, May 2012

There’s a lot more where these came from.  If you’re curious, Google Glyphosate to see what comes up.  This is a threat to our health and climate.  There is no rational need for the EPA to increase the allowable levels of glyphosate in our agriculture!  This is sadly a typical reaction to demanding Biotech lobbyists; such as Monsanto (Makers of RoundUp), Dupont, and Dow. Here are a few more articles you may find informative on this subject:

Read About the USDA Downplaying Condemning Research Results

Read About How Glyphosate May Harm Your Health

Don’t let this issue slip by without submitting your own comments to the EPA.  For a full explanation of the major details, read this article on the Organic Consumers Associate website, sign their petition, then submit your comments directly to the EPA here.

Issue #3

Want to Save the Bees?  The EPA Is Not On-Board with Us!

Recently, the EPA approved a pesticide that has been proven to be highly toxic to bees.   Sulfoxaflor has been classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as being severely toxic to honey bees.  This action provides even more evidence of the fact that our critical government agencies are not protecting our collective health and rights, that they were sworn to uphold. Pesticides that harm bees are a growing concern – and possess global interest.  Learn more by reading this article on EcoWatch.  Don’t forget to submit your comment to the EPA here!

Issue #4

Autism Still on the Rise While Research Gets Cut, Shoddy TRICARE Plans Pass, and More States Fight for Insurance Reform

If you, or a loved one has Autism, chances are these news tidbits will be of interest to you. Autism prevalence rates continue to increase, while little is done to research potential causes – environmental, genetic, or otherwise.  I like to visit the advocacy news page on the Autism Speaks website.  Signing up for their Autism Votes texting service will keep major issues at the top of your mind.

Issue #5

Major Media Refuses to Report on Massive March Against Monsanto

Did we expect anything less?  I’m very disappointed in the lack of media coverage for a peaceful activist event that spanned our entire globe last Saturday.  Over two million people joined in protest against Monsanto Company and the presence of GMOs in our food!  (Here’s a video with full details about this event.)  How could something this big not be worthy of CNN coverage?!  In fact, this is probably the largest-scaled protest against any single corporate entity in our history!!  March Against Monsanto activists are making some noise at their local media stations and independent journalists and citizen reporters (like me) are helping to spread the word.

Would you like to join those reaching out to credible media asking for real truth in journalism?  Submit and share your communications here.  Why is it that I can only find ethical journalism on TV?  (Have you ever watched Newsroom on HBO?  I love this series – but get super jealous that such a media group doesn’t exist in the real world.) What happened to reporters with a thirst for knowledge and desire to reveal our world’s injustices?  Have you all been bought out by Monsanto?

Well, I’m pretty sure that this is enough to get you going for this week.  Sadly, I think I could keep going with this list in so many areas – we have some serious work to do to get our world back to sanity.  Please contact your representatives and sign relevant petitions.  Our voices do matter!

Best regards,

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