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Imagine if genetically engineered crops could contaminate conventional and organic fields through transfer of pollen or even virus.  Now consider the implications of random, unintended gene transfer crossing from the Plant Kingdom to the Animal Kingdom.  Finally, think about the after-effects of a transgene promoting resistance to toxic herbicides, like Glyphosate, the primary chemical applied to a growing number of crops throughout the United States – including residential lawns in the form of RoundUp.  This is not fiction. This is a runaway train fueled by profit-seeking and misdirection.  If we don’t stand up as a people and pull up the tracks right now – rail by tie across our nation – it will continue to pummel our legislators’ regulatory authority.

We have already discovered damning evidence of transgene contamination in a wide range of agriculture.  Researchers have also found proof that transgenes can cross from plant life to animal life harming the sensitive gut micro biome and resulting in disturbing health effects.  Know that despite the agriculture industry claims of GMO innovations being created to reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides, the reality has instead amplified the application of such chemicals.  Recently, the EPA ruled in favor of increasing Glyphosate levels in edible crops as petitioned by Monsanto without regard to public disapproval or safety.  In fact, the EPA approved regulatory increases that were 15 to 25 times the previous levels without any independent safety research or queries!  They just took Monsanto’s word for it!

These lax policies continue to lay groundwork for increasing health problems from autism to Alzheimer’s, celiac disease and food intolerance, as well as other auto-immune disorders.  It’s true that correlation does not necessarily equal causation, but Nancy Swanson’s statistical graphs paint such a strong picture it’s hard to deny the potential.

Graph depicting rise of glyphosate use corresponding to autism prevalence.

The rise of GMO foods has resulted in the increasing use of Glyphosate herbicides. When this data is overlapped with autism prevalence rates the correlation is astonishing.  To see more of Nancy’s statistical analysis, access her full report as archived on Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s MIT page here.

Today, successful biotech companies are vying to launch GMO salmon, GE mosquitoes, and even genetically modified grass and trees.  I wish these truths scared more people.  I wish they rattled them in their core as deeply as a missed touchdown or unexpected sack during the Super Bowl does diehard football fans.  But alas, here I sit on Transgene Island wondering how any corporation could be trusted to maintain contamination control of unregulated “RoundUp Ready” Kentucky Bluegrass, genetically engineered mosquitoes to be released in the Florida Keys, or even innovative GE trees in the Pacific-Northwest. Can we escape the pre-emptive damages if the TPP gets congressional approval for Fast Track Authority?  Will our state leaders fighting for GMO labeling continue to stand up when corporate giants like Monsanto threaten states’ rights to mandate regulations by lawsuit?  Kauai is coming together and fighting to restrict GMO testing as well as the use of experimental pesticides and herbicides.  Perhaps they will inspire more of us to make the necessary calls to government leaders, file comments with the EPA and FDA for relevant rulings, and continue to share growing knowledge about the damages caused by the biotech industry’s blatant disregard for safety and health.

More information:8108_325330440886734_1767318387_n

Watch Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s Presentation on the harmful effects of Glyphosate, “Roundup: The Elephant in the Room.”  Fast-forward to 19:43 for an enlightening explanation of the adverse effects of this toxic chemical in plant life as well as the human body.

Get tested for Glyphosate in your water and body through a lab sourced by Moms Across America.

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For those of us parenting children with Autism, we understand that every child is unique – like a snowflake.  However, for many of us, there are also many possible areas in common, particularly:

1. Recurring G.I. problems.     Autism, allergies, G.I. distress

2. Food allergies and intolerance.

3. Weakened immune system.

This list is not all-inclusive, and yet I know a lot of children on the spectrum that share many of these ailment “categories” with my own son.  Genetically, my family has no history of food allergies, intestinal diseases, or Autism.  Our history proves we’re more likely to suffer from heart disease and high blood pressure due to a natural affinity with down-home southern comfort foods.  Truly, healthy eating was not something I was ever concerned with before Wyatt.  At least, not beyond the grade-school-food-pyramid and hype on low fat and low cholesterol choices.

During my single days, I sustained myself on coffee, Diet Pepsi, SlimFast shakes, Special K bars, and Lean Cuisine dinners.  I only cooked on holidays or when I craved Betty Crocker brownies.  It was only when I got pregnant that I started really caring about the food I chose to eat.  My OB gave me the low down on the dangers of aspartame and I became friends, at last, with water.  I ditched the coffee and began my affair with herbal teas.

I made sure to eat a balanced diet; even drank V8 to ensure I consumed enough vegetables, carried around a huge cup of water, and tried to get my full day’s servings.  I ate fruits and salads, while avoiding sushi and aspartame – and always took my prenatal vitamins with a big glass of orange juice.  I did the same while nursing my son and quickly adopted an elimination diet upon the first hint of trouble.  After months of G.I. distress that included two hospital stays, recurrent intestinal bleeding, and far too many courses of antibiotics we switched to Elecare formula. (Available by prescription for $55/can.)  Slowly, his gut began to heal.

My little guy was always sick – fevers, runny nose, cough, ear infections, sore throats…  He had over 20 courses of antibiotics during his first year and a half of life, while also coping with emerging food allergies and recurring  Clostridium Difficile infections.  His doctors placed tubes in his ears, completed a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, and we added gluten-free to our dietary mix, which ultimately led us to a more organic path of eating.  We were never 100% organic though until last fall.

During our journey, I’ve seen the power of nutrition make a positive impact for my son Wyatt.  Diagnosed with Autism at age two, he’s come very far through long hours of early intervention, speech/OT therapies, and aggressive dietary changes.  We never cheat – not a morsel – not even when it comes to Play-Doh, sunscreen, my cosmetics, or any personal care products.  I am a watchdog with his school and other caregivers.  And yet, until last October, I was completely unaware of the presence of GMOs in our foods.

Let me tell you, just because something is labeled as gluten-free and casein-free does NOT mean it’s GMO-free.  In fact, it felt like I was walking on eggshells when I started reading labels to determine if a product contained genetically engineered ingredients.  Trust me, my son is one very picky eater.  However, upon learning about the risky business of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), I became determined to eliminate GM foods from our diet.  As a mother to a child with Autism, I know every child is different, but there is little risk in dietary improvement.  Good nutrition is important for all children, whether neurotypical or on the spectrum.

Did you know that independent research has noted the following concerns in animal trials utilizing GMO feed?

  • Agitated and anti-social animals
  • Distressed intestines, permeated guts, and digestive problems
  • Increased incidences of tumors and auto-immune diseases

Do you see any parallels here?  I sure do and although it may only be a small piece to the puzzle of Autism, I wholeheartedly believe that this neurological condition results from a variety of sources – genetic and environmental.  GMOs are in everything from the foods we eat to the vitamins we feed our children.  They’re used to culture vaccines and form medicines for a full range of ailments.  Now I’ll agree that some of these medicines have sustaining medical purpose (like insulin and other critical biologics), however, much of the biotech industry is more concerned with profit than safety – and the demonstrated ethics of corporations such as Monsanto prove a need for caution.  (Did you hear about the march against them held around the world on May 25th?  This was the largest peaceful protest ever launched against a single corporation in our planet’s history!  Over two million people joined together to further the movement supporting the labeling and safety research of GMOs produced by this corporate giant.)

Consider spending some time learning more about GMO foods.  It’s true that they’re approved by the FDA, but if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll see how the risks outweigh the benefits.  These foods have not been properly tested and the safety assurance sits in the hands of the chemical company that’s behind a food product’s genetic engineering.  Since I have improved my son’s diet, introduced quality natural supplements, and gone 100% organic, his immune health has improved, his sleep has improved, he is more verbal, and seems to genuinely feel better.  I know his progress is due to a combination of factors – but he is able to learn much better when he is not chronically ill.  It may not bring about a miracle transformation, but it’s worth your time to learn more about your food today.  Join thousands of Mom’s that demand labeling of GMO foods – it’s in our children’s best interests to do so.

Check out these excellent resources for more information on GMOs in general, and their potential involvement in the puzzle of Autism causation, increased allergies, and much more:

All my best,

Muckraking Maven